Underwater World

Explore the new underwater world and rescue marine animals in groups or packs with this new ABCya 2022 game: Underwater World! It's a new game with simple yet adorably made graphics for kids of all ages to enjoy during their free time. Not only will there be fields with beautiful setups and cute characters but you can also enhance your creative thinking and problem-solving as you progress to the higher stages.

Don't forget that this game is all about matching groups of three or more items of the same image. Once joining the board, you will find that there are plenty of tiles, each with a single image. Your job in this game is to earn more scores by gathering all groups with similar-image. The more groups you can gather within a short time frame, the higher your stars will be. This game includes weekly and themed challenges as well, besides the basic boards.

These will test more of your coordinate skills as they are harder to gain high records. While developing attention, and enhancing reflexes and responsiveness, you can also share the fun spirit as well as the adorable fishes in this game with other friends. Let's test to see which one will use the least time to advance and take the title of a true mahjong puzzle master.

First, master the art of searching for similar stones and imprinted tiles. Put three similar ones to the bar at the bottom of the screen at a time. It's crucial to put all stones available on the fields to their unique groups. Even if you leave one behind, you will not be able to complete the levels here at https://abcya4.net/. How long does it take for you to ace all the players with your talent in the field of 3 matching games such as Kitty Cat Puzzle?

Controls: Play with the left mouse button.