Which Insect Looks Different

In order to crack a total of 40 levels in the new game of Which Insect Looks Different, you will be spotting the differences between the images. The main theme of the game is the insect, just as stated in the name, therefore, you will be looking at the images of insects only. This ABCya puzzle game is different from the usual spot-the-difference game online, as you will need to multitask so that you can control all four images at the same time. For each level, four frames with images show up on the screen.

Only slightly different spots are hidden here and there. Will your eyesight be enough to spot them all in the shortest time? Hit the levels from the easiest to the hardest and learn how to find the hidden spots as fast as possible. Among these four, three of them look identically but there will be one that is different. We are looking for someone who can look at both the overview and the details of the image well. Your job is to learn how to pick it out with your sharp eyesight and amazing spotting skills!

A hint can be given but you can only use hint features for a limited time. Keep an eye on the clock to know how many seconds you have left before the turn is over. If you fail to spot one group, you will have to start over with a new record! The best puzzle solvers are gathering at https://abcya4.net/ to try new ways to win and bring their records up some notches. Will you and your friends join the competition and get some enjoyable moments with more puzzle games like Blocks Fill Tangram Puzzle and Farm Dice Race later? Intelligence will get you to the winning spot much faster!

Controls: Click to choose the image with the difference among the four frames.