Who Was Who

Who Was Who is the new puzzle game with a unique theme to spice up your experience with puzzling and solving problems here in this ABCya 4 kids list! The ultimate goal for players in this game is to successfully match the photos of a celebrity with the old ones. Two types of photos are available in this game: the newly taken ones and the ones that were taken during his or her youth. If you are confident in your ability to crack this game as a face recognition expert, go ahead and connect the dots as fast as possible!

As you start hitting the first challenge, there will be a dashboard filled with different images. Your job is to connect the ones that show the same celebrity using your observation skills only. Bear in mind that one wrong match will make your scores decrease by one point or one battery line, therefore, it's best to be careful before making any move. A top-tier player shall be the one who manages to complete all the sets with the highest scores within the shortest timeframe.

Among the highest-scored players, if you can hit a new range, the Leaderboard from http://abcya4.net/io will be updated for your spot! How can we perfect the art of connecting the images for famous characters without failing? Keep learning the art of distinguishing their appearances using the slightest details between their childhood and adult images. Get help from friends or compete to see who can be the fastest at matching! The puzzle gaming list of ous is updated daily with the top-tier options for the fans of problem-solving such as Greenlight, Redlight and Sploop.io, without a cost!

Controls: Click and drag the left mouse button to connect the images.