Word Holiday

Crosswords will always be the fascinating option if you are looking for a fun yet complicated game of puzzles for kids here at ABCya 2022 puzzle games! Not only will you be able to tackle these relaxing word puzzle games available on the first few levels but you can also challenge your own vocabulary with other harder quests in the game. In this game of Word Holiday, the final goal is to unlock all the hidden words in the blanks.

The board of crossword is provided with the background in the theme of holiday travel. You can enjoy the adventuristic styling of the background while solving the puzzle. It's crucial to find all the words using given sets of letters only. There is a limited time range for each stage, which means that time is also of the essence here with the players.

Emerge in the world of the connecting game in which you can earn scores, coins, boosters for streaks, and plenty of other unlocked word games like ... Let's see if you can earn the most coins by completing puzzles on all levels of this game or not! Discover plenty of new travel locations while cracking the puzzle, and enhance your vocabulary with new words updated on a daily basis.

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How to play Word Holiday:

Use the left button to choose the letters and drag them to connect them.