Yummy Taco

Yummy Taco brings the world of tacos to you in this Abcya4 cooking game, exclusively for the fans of tacos! Loving the taste of tacos is one thing, but how good are you at creating a new flavor for it? Let's start this game to get a chance in the chef spot and come up with a new flavor that is delicious and addictive to the majority of customers. If you can sell it and gain more money in this online cooking game, go ahead!

If not, feel free to follow the existing recipes and sell the delicious hot tacos. After all, it's all about gaining money by selling the food. Not only will it be hectic in the kitchen due to the large number of customers waiting but it's also a challenge to take care of the kitchen and the orders coming at the same time. The storm of the dinner time will keep going so you need to stay focused and be good enough to juggle lots of tasks at once. The cooking in this game from abcya 4 grade starts from scratch. You will be in charge of making the dough, rolling the tortilla, and cooking the beef meat to the perfect state.

There are a lot of ways you can fill your taco with the ingredients, ranging from fresh veggies, more than one type of meat, sauce, as well as decorations. Only the chefs capable of making the best tacos will be able to rock the Leaderboard! If you would like to experience other games and try taking out bad guys or cracking tough problems, try out some options like Penguin Cookshop and Homemade Pastry Making. This cooking game will be super fun and rewarding for your playtime. Are you ready to throw on the apron and channel your inner cook?

Controls: Click to choose the ingredients and interact.