Yummy Waffle Ice Cream

A waffle ice cream lover will be delighted to know that we just add a new game of Yummy Waffle Ice Cream to our new ABCya cooking game collection, with bright backgrounds, different menus, and delicious dishes that are perfect for the summer. Don't worry if you are new to this kind of game, as Nancy will help you out using her specialties as a chef in the hot kitchen. First, tackle the work of cooking waffles and add them to the plate to use as the base for your ice cream later. Mix up the powder, corn syrup, baking soda, and eggs to create a perfect mixture of the waffles.

You can choose to either bake it in the oven or fry it up using the frying pan for a crunchy edge. After decorating your waffles, put them on the dish, decorate it with cream and lots of fruits, cream, choco, and syrup. The next steps will also be demonstrated to you step by step so that you can finish off the ice-cream-making procedure and finish it off. Cook the best ice cream ever with amazing vanilla taste, strawberry base, or chocolate mousse filled over so that the customers can taste the ice cream with an over-flowing taste.

Each type of ice cream will have its recipe that includes some requirements, so prepare the ingredients accordingly for the most perfect taste ever! We encourage the most creative thinking and new solutions to solve old problems in http://abcya4.net/ with all these girl games online. How will your cooking talent shine through in this easy and enjoyable cooking game for summer? Dive right into other refreshing games such as Redhaired Fairy Fantasy Vs Reality and Wonder Princess Vivid 80s for a breezy summertime.

How to play: Choose the ingredients, control, mix and interact for the best ice cream using the mouse cursor.