Zero Numbers

Zero Numbers have many levels that are hard to surprise you to pass during this journey. Move 2 numbers side by side and do all of them disappear. The level of difficulty increases through levels. Join this game at Players don't take a long time to search for online games. You can easily participate in many familiar game themes games and save them to your favorite game list. This is a logical puzzle game. The goal is to remove all cells by creating the right numbers.

Each cell can only move to an adjacent box. If they have the same number, both are removed. Try to mount the numbers without creating any gaps. If the numbers are not the same, they are added to each other and form a larger number. Make the right amount and remove to delete the playground and unlock the next challenge. When all the numbers disappear, you will win that level. Please calculate the most accurate position of the numbers. Use tips of other players to complete difficult levels.

This game attracts many online players with math challenges. ABCya4 puzzle games extends the world's game world. Share this with your friends this game. So they help you with hard plays. The numbers are accumulated together until you combine the two largest similar numbers. They will disappear. Find out the rules of playing games that you love and overcome the most difficult tasks today. If you lose in head moves, play again to give the best results for each level. Combining the same final pair to win. Update your game list with multiple games similar to Slice Cut It and Simon Say

instructions: Use the left mouse button to move the numbers in different directions