If you are looking for a minimalistic and relaxing game but with a bit of challenging gameplay, Zero Squares will be the perfect option for you. This game is recently added to the new game list from ABCy games 4 kids online without any cost, which means that the players can feel free to enjoy this game anytime, anywhere! Let us guide you through the basics of this game. It resembles the classic and popular rules of the Sokoban puzzles, in which you will have to find the path to push the box along the frame of the layout and reach the exit door.

The only rule that makes this game quite a challenge will be that your box can only move from one corner to another. There's no way to stop the box midway on a line and it can only move to the very end of it. To reach the exit door, you will need to come up with a set of movements that bring your box to the exit door even it takes more steps. It might be easy on the first few levels because the layout is simple. As you progress and grow, you will find that there will be appearances of plenty of other boxes, blocks, new layouts, and different frames.

These elements make adjusting the movement for the boxes seems much harder. If you are a fan of puzzle-solving games, there is no doubt that you will soon emerge in the tons of levels in this game! Freely enjoy the work of brainstorming and racking your brain for a solution in other equally fun games like Hextetris and Fruit Connect from later!

How to play: Use the keyboard (WASD or arrow keys) to move the boxes, or use the mouse cursor or the touchpad to play the game.