Zombie Shooter 3D

Zombie Shooter 3D is a shooting game where you embark on a journey to the eerie and desolate dark forest. Start playing online! 

Go to the dark, isolated woodland. Clear the region of zombie hordes. Aid in the annihilation of opponents. You have a handgun, a machine gun, grenades, a shotgun, a sniper rifle, and a grenade launcher in your arsenal. Save the planet against a zombie invasion. Destroy all of them!!!

Don't forget to share this great thing with your friends and invite your friends to join the gameplay to have the chance to become the best player ever. If you love these types of destruction games you can play some more games like Monster Shooter and Sheriff Shoot. Wish you always be the winner!


Mouse - look around WASD - movement W + Shift - Run Space - jump Left Mouse Button - Shoot Right

Mouse Button (Hold) - Aim Mouse Wheel - Next / Previous Weapon 1-7 - weapon hotkeys R - reload G - throw a grenade.