Game Candy Love Match

Get drunk in love with the colorful candies from Game Candy Love Match free game at ABCya puzzle games as these candies are scattered everywhere on the board. You will help the little angel finish the goal of gathering the candies in some required colors before the time runs out. Using a limited number of moves only to clear the stage will not be an easy feat, but you can do it by choosing wisely and considering before making any move. It's a fun matching game with the classic rule of removing the pieces when a line of three or more pieces is formed.

The more pieces there are in your formed line, the more scores you will gain. Only by finishing one level can you move up to the next one as this game requires the players to progress in the stage order. Learn how to spot the adjacent tiles that are suitable for swapping, then move them to make the line that you are looking for. Keep in mind that the game will specify the colors that are necessary for each stage, so don't mistake and take too many of one. At, we have a simple tutorial to guide you through the first few steps in the easy levels, which will help you to get used to the rules much faster.

Once you have mastered it, feel free to search for boosters, bonuses, and hidden items inside the grid to make the game more thrilling and fun. Keep on with the quest to clear out the other board in other puzzle games such as Neon Catapult and Rookie Bowman. Each game has its special features and rules, so don't hesitate to pick out the favorite ones to your preference.

Controlling keys: Click and drag the mouse to choose and move the candies.