Pet Idle

Pet Idle is a simulator where you can take care of a variety of virtual animals! You will need to attend to your pet's many demands, such as food, thirst, sleep, bathing, walks, and games. Build, develop, and decorate your home to accommodate an increasing number of pets! They will interact with one another, each with a unique personality that will affect how they live together. Come build a better environment for your pets and demonstrate to everyone what a fantastic caretaker you are! You can play other new games for free at ABCya 4rd.

Kids of all ages have fallen in love with this addictive and continuous gameplay, therefore, take some time off to enjoy more high-quality game like Heels Stacky Rush 3D!


Mouse: Click (left button) and camera navigation (righ button).

Keyboard: W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys for camera navigation ''P'' to select all pets and ''Esc'' to back or close.