Zombie Hunters Arena

Take the chance to enjoy this online zombie shooting game from ABCya land that is made for multiplayer. The arena is filled with strong, highly-skilled characters as well as different types of zombies. Players from all around the world will compete against each other to claim the best spot on the Leaderboard and be the first to get out safely. As a hunter, your job is to locate the position of the bad zombies, take the shot and shoot them down.

The more zombies you can shoot before the time runs out, the more coins you can get to use to upgrade your gun's level. Keep updating your gun to make sure that it has the highest level possible and use it for better shots in the next stages. Gun capacity and shooting forces are two important elements that contribute to your chances of collecting bonuses and becoming the winner faster than others. Are you ready to explore the vast space in 13 different maps? A permanent HP update will be given to the advanced players who have collected all the high score tokens. To overcome each stage, it's mandatory that you complete the mission given at the beginning of the stage. Also, the players will have to search everywhere to find the exit portal, which will lead you to a random place on the map.

Such gameplay is full of surprises and allows the players to be creative with their playing method. Improve your skills in aiming and controlling the stats in the crowded arena. If you fail to find your enemies among the fast-moving characters, you will not be able to strike. Keep on participating in more battles to be the best fighters with other games at http://abcya4.net/ such as Pumpkin Monster and Black Thrones

Controls: Click and use the mouse to interact and fight.