Alpha Guns

Alpha Guns is a fast-paced shooting game on ABCya 4th. You start as Max and his pistol gun, and as you earn credits, you’ll unlock new characters and new guns that boost your stats, helping you to take on trickier, more skilled enemies. The game starts easily, but the levels quickly get far more difficult and they’re a real test of your nerve and accuracy. To complete them, you'll need to come up with a strategy and be quick on the trigger!

If you want to earn some extra dog tags and free lives, you can also play past levels again and perfect them. Be a contender and utilize your firearms to fight your direction across huge loads of foes! Show your battling abilities when you need to confront Powerful supervisors and their foe crews!

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- Classic arcade gameplay. 

- 5 different characters to choose from.

- 30 Challenging levels.

- Lots of bosses and tanks to fight.

- Easy to use & a smooth control scheme.

- Amazing graphics, cool music, and sound.

Eye-catching graphics, flexible gameplay, and character images will attract players. Accept all challenges and join some other games like Keeper Of The Grove 3


Target, Strategize and move ahead in the game.

Follow on screen icons to shoot, jump and update arms in this adventurous path!

Check Help for further instructions.