Island Bombing

How good are you at navigating your ship and controlling the bombing of your ship while blasting at the islands in full force and full speed? Enjoy the sceneries and background of this ABCya shooting game and demonstrate the best of your shooting skills now! The final goal for each stage in the game is to make sure that all the islands showing up in your sight will be destroyed with the given explosives.

The work of navigating the ship is not easy since you need to dodge the other floating items in the sea area as well. Once you manage to learn the basics of navigating your ship, start blasting your explosives to hit the islands. As it's one of the coolest hyper-casual games with the new gameplay, you will be hooked for hours. You can only control the timing to blast bullets because the ship shall automatically move from the left to the right and vice versa.

There's no stopping amidst movement, therefore, you need to estimate the timing that any single island shows up and launch the bombs at the right timing. It's all about timing your action to keep track of the island from your viewpoint. The moment the bar on the top of the screen drops, it means that your health is decreasing. Don't let it diminish too much or else your turn will be over once it turns empty. Gain more HP for each successfully blasted island and keep your energy bar full!

The higher levels bring more islands for you to shoot. Will you reach the highest ranking with your one-shot kill techniques? Launch the bombs on time to make sure that your cannon and the islands are lining up. Continue with more adventures like Battalion Commander 1917 or Sniper 3D to visit another gaming world here at!

Instructions: Click the left mouse to shoot.