In Space

Prepare to get your gun and win this shooting game with intense progress, a 2D top-down view, cool graphics, and plenty of jump scare from the aliens! This new game of Arena Shooter is not for the fainted heart, where you will be playing a hero on an alien planet. As your character's mission is to clear out the horde of alien creatures, utilize all of your skills to stay alive and make sure that they don't capture your blood. HPs are important in keeping your character alive here, however, moving around and taking initiative in capturing the enemies will be equally important.

As the rules are simple, players who are familiar with shooting games will get used to the game quickly within the first round. The sole objective of this game is to stay alive and become the survivor of each 10-minute round. Shoot the aliens attacking you, move to find the safe spots, and gain experience points with your trusty rifles. Shooting is the most important task, so aim carefully and make sure to defeat aliens with one shot each. Don't forget to constantly purchase new power-ups after each stage to keep up with the increasing number of aliens and their upgrades damage range.

From the in-game store, shooters can also find some permanent power-ups which will make your character more powerful and boost his or her strength for quite a long time. For more shooting games like Pipe Surfer or Abandoned Lab , you will get other chances to embrace your inner hero and conquer other challenging adventures here on our website at Feel free to share this gaming option with other friends and compete to see who is fastest at removing aliens!

Controlling keys: Use the mouse cursor to navigate and the left button to shoot.