Office Conflict

An office conflict can always go south and turn into a huge shooting battle like the one in this game of Office Conflict at ! Resolve your conflict with other colleagues by picking up the weapons and joining this shooting game online! The game's objective is to roam the area, protect your character, and kill your colleague before they shoot you. There will be more than one colleague lurking in the area. Your job will be to successfully remove the most number of opponents on the map before getting shot.

It's a thrilling game with multiple players and a 3D layout. Join the game in a first-person point of view to emerge in the 3D world better and with a more realistic experience. Learn how to navigate through the map, control the weapon trunk, switch weapons back and forth, and select the best targets for each. It might take a while to understand the layout of each stage, but once you grasp it, choosing where to move will be much easier. There's no guarantee that you will be safe from all these shootings, so keep moving and stay in the safe spots or corners only.

This shooting game also emphasizes the art of navigating through hidden corners, maneuvering your movements, and gathering more items on the journey. Let's see if you have what it takes to be the sole survivor in this office feud shooting game! Here from the website you can click once and get tons of new games such as Beehive Yourself and Escape From Dinosaurs for entertainment! From cooking games, action games, and arcades to sports games, we provide a variety of diverse choices that you will find interesting for playtime with friends and family!

How to play:

Use the WASD to move, the mouse cursor to navigate and aim.