Mr. Jack Vs Zombies

The highlight of this shooting game from ABCya 4 online is the coordination of physic laws into the game to make it more realistic and challenging. It's embedded in the game of Mr. Jack Vs Zombies, the new zombie-themed game that is perfect for you to enjoy during the Halloween season of this month. The thrilling gameplay, dark yet fun graphics, and fun characters will make the game a highlight during your playtime!

This game combines the usual features of a shooting game with some rules of physics that will affect the movement of the bullets as well as making your aiming mission tougher. As you help Mr. Jack move through different terrain of the zombies land, you will have to use the limited number of bullets to shoot them down and clear up the path. Only by defeating all the appearing zombies per stage can you move up to the next one. Don't let them approach you or else they will chew you up immediately.

For each level, use your limited resources of ammo to shoot at the zombies. The hard part for newcomers is to estimate how to shoot so the one bullet can defeat more than one zombie. The rules of physics will affect the curve movement of bullets, which means that they will drop in the shape of a curve after being shot. Use this to your advantage and come up with a creative strategy to shoot a string of zombies in this game at Keep one thing in mind is that the moment your ammo runs out, there's no chance left to defeat them. Make the most out of your ammo and be the last survivor of Mr. Jack Vs Zombies!

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Controlling keys: Click to shoot, drag the mouse to change the aiming line.