Boing Bang

Explore the vast world of Boing Bang where the kids get to emerge in a classic arcade game with the most vibrant pixelated animation! Will you thrive in this asteroid-shooting game with the interesting rule? Not only is it inspired by the famous game of Pang! but it also comes with unique twists and additional gameplay for you to explore. Don't hesitate and grasp this chance to conquer the highest scores that you could top up on the Leaderboard. The goal of each level in the game revolves around shooting at the bouncing asteroids.

Among the vast space, your main character is taking the main role of shooting down the asteroids to break them into smaller pieces and finally destroy all the scattered items! Once there's nothing left on the screen, you have won the stage. Move on quickly and see if you can unlock all the next levels on the road map to victory in this game at!

The key to completing all the levels will be your precision in aiming and shooting. There's no limitation on the bullet count, however, make sure to move left and right without getting hit! Maneuver your character's motion carefully to avoid being crushed or colliding with the asteroids as these stones are bouncing back and forth. There will be a total of 10 different levels which our players get to experience in a row, so be prepared for a world full of angry bouncing balls! Promote your skills and showcase to the world with more fun ball games like Bubble Shooter Wheel and Subway FPS from ABCya land now! Be patient and clear the stone even after it has been broken into pieces!

Controlling keys: Use the arrow keys to move the bird. Shoot and aim using the mouse cursor or touchpad.