Shot For Hire

ABCya shooting game collection brings another amazing game of shooting features in Shot For Hire to test not only your accuracy in the shooting but also your skills in the action gameplay. Aiming correctly to clear out your opponents in this game will be crucial as it's the skill to keep you alive among these intense shooting matches. You will be participating with a group of shooters roaming Ravenburgh - the ruined city.

Defeat the rogues attacking and make sure that nothing else will be stolen from travelers. By removing the theft and rogue parties of the city, you will be in charge of bringing back the peaceful atmosphere of the ruined city. Go ahead and pick your team of mercenaries, each of which comes with his individual technique and skills. They are assisting you along the road, therefore, showcasing your great teamwork skills and overcome even the toughest parts of the journey. The more cities you manage to unlock and connect, the more mercenaries you can reach out to make a contract with.

Search for your desired team around the guild and see if you can build your full team within the limited timeframe! In this game from, all players are engaging in various missions, so start to locate the target and get the new mission. How many missions will you be able to clear in one go? Switch back and forth between the weapons to make sure that you have the suitable item for each separate mission. Discover more journeys and adventures with other similar-themed games like Ice Breaker or Bubble Hit.

Controlling keys:

Use the touch screen or mouse cursor to choose the weapons and to shoot.