Bubble Hit

Break a ball or two with this new ABCya game 4 kids: Bubble Hit! If you are looking for a gaming option that is not only fun but also easy to understand, this game will easily be the suitable option for you! Continue to bring your skill sets and techniques to dominate this ball-shooting game online. Like the name of it, what you will be doing is using the given balls and cannons to shoot at the set of existing balls on the board.

The balls will come in plenty of colors and random positions, so what you can do to ensure the outcome is to aim at similar colors. For example, with a red ball, look for any cluster of balls with red as the main color and shoot. A set of three or more similar-colored balls will be cleared off the grid for more room. How long will it take for you to fully remove these colored dots from the board? The game has no time recorded, however, the least moves you use, the higher your bonus will be. It's one of the most popular ball games these days at https://abcya4.net/, which is a great selection for getting a fresh session where the most innovative bubble shooting techniques are developed!

There's no need to worry if you haven't played this type of game earlier. Showcase some of your amazing choice and tactics for removing these balls quicker and win the best scores on our Leaderboard! For more identical themed games, why don't you take some time to visit our other choices such as Monster ReformIce Breaker later? Explore the endless opportunities to emerge in the fun gaming worlds without any cost and new exclusive game modes!

Controlling keys:

use the mouse cursor or touchpad on tablets to shoot the balls.