Monster Reform

Welcome the talented and brave fighters to join this new 3D survival game of Monster Reform - where your shooting skills will be the key point to make or break. This game from ABCya 2023 will bring the latest setting for shooting and adventure game to the players, embedded with thrilling theme and sensation. Not only is it a new game with multiple levels but the system of level also makes the difficulty range increase.

This means that the monsters you go up against will get stronger after each level. Utilize the strength, powers, as well as keep upgrading the techniques in fighting to survive the journey. As all these monsters are mighty and brutal, the players will have to be prepared for any upcoming challenges.

Randomly appeared obstacles are also the highlights of the game's challenges. Learn how to navigate around such a huge map and control the offense system wisely in order to not only gain the top scores but also to stay alive in the game for as long as possible. Keep advancing with other good games of action-based themes such as Lof Math Shooter from the list of free games at!

Controlling keys are more complicated and elaborated, so you will be able to control all the movement and functions of the character. Switching weapons when it's needed so that you can have the best tool for each mission. Emerge in this realistic battles and enjoy the 3D setting that makes that fights feel much more intense! How long will you be able to stay alive in this game before some monsters wipe you out?

How to play:

Use WASD to move, left mouse to shoot, right mouse to switch the camera direction,

U key to use the bazooka, R key to reload, C key to crouch, 1-3 keys to switch the weapons.