Sniper Stag Hunter

Free hunting has always been one of the most exciting adventure and sports for players at ABCya land. This time, we extend the invitation and would like to invite you to enter this free hunting world. Join the wilderness and find out how many wild animals and stags you will be able to defeat with your sniper gun within the short timeframe. You will be surprised with the updated gaming selection of jungle background, which becomes a realistic 3D platform for a hunter game.

This action-filled game of shooting using FPS forest features will get you excited and addicted in no time. The goal is to unlock all the possible ranges of the jungle by completing the missions one by one. Thanks to the combination of features between the adventure game and the shooting game, this new one refreshes your experience with the first-person point of view shooting games. There's a learning session that allows new players to get used to the basics of the game within the shortest amount of time. For a sniper, the two most crucial elements contributing to winning a match are the control of shooting range and timing. Don't act like a frail and willow newbie, instead, show your performance and anything that you know about hunting!

Search for your target by spotting it on the map using the glowing dots, then crawl carefully toward it but keep in mind that you should keep a safe distance to avoid disturbing it. Aim and take one or two shots to kill the stags. If the stags run away, it will be quite hard to catch up with them, therefore, you should finish them when you have the chance. Please use keyboard arrows for move hunter and use the mouse to control the gun. Other games like Stick Duel Medieval Wars and Evil Santa from the collection of will give you more chances of trying out another gaming genre!

Instructions: Move with W, A, S, D or arrows, aim, and shoot using the mouse.