Stick Duel Medieval Wars

How good are you at dealing with deadly Medieval tools and weapons? In this ABCya fighting game: Stick Duel: Medieval Wars, you will have to go up against another feisty fighter who might be a CPU or a friend of yours. With the special theme of medieval, you can look out for the highest-quality graphics and fast movement of stickman, along with a ton of medieval weapons.

Once you start the game, pick among two options: 1 player or 2 players. If you have a friend and need a private server to have fun, the latter will be your perfect option. Or go to explore the competition against the strangers with the 1st gaming mode. The rule is to defeat the other player in the match using the given weapons and vehicles. All players in the same match will get the same set of tools, so it will all come down to how you use it. Take advantage of them wisely and outsmart your opponent by tricking him or her to capture the weapons. There will be a horizontal button that you can use to control your movements and attack your opponent. The fastest way to victory is by attacking the head.

Collecting all the stars available or the ones that pop up during the match will guarantee a higher chance of updating and higher scores for you at the final stages. There are chances that you will improve your skills after tackling all these obstacles and tough players in this game at Feel free to dive into other games like Evil Santa and Smack Dat Ex to explore the maximum of your potential and have a fun time!

Controls: Control left player's movement with A - D keys, right player moves using arrow keys. Interact and choose the game modes using the mouse cursor.