Smack Dat Ex

Your challenge at Smack Dat Ex is extremely simple. Players will explore and unlock levels when participating in the war of love. ABCya action game suggestions for players to relax with this game. What will you do when breaking up? It is a painful time when you are angry for whatever reason. Each player has perfected their gameplay without being bothered by ads. With the different breakup reasons, this game will make you more relaxing with a special selection. Try to find objects to throw at your lover in the game.

When the strength in the energy column runs out, you will win. This new game is really interesting. Share your gaming tips if you love our game world. Social skills also appear in some games. Throw the objects you see in the room at your ex to reduce anger. What gameplay do you choose to relieve stress after parting in the latest online game world that introduces? We have updated similar games with this game. If you just broke up with or hate your lover, try to complete the latest game space that we help you on this special journey. Each different challenge will bring your journey a lot of fun.

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Instructions: Use the left mouse button to select objects and throw them at the object you hate