Knockem All

The run never ends in Knockem-All, which is both a challenge and an interesting chance from ABCya games. You will control the main character on the new and exciting arcade running platform with the aim to tackle down the huge poles and capture anything that is valuable. Anything that will keep you running and make your journey easier should be collected. Run and dash from the left to the right to avoid the big blocks which can stop you.

For any small block that you manage to push down, you will gain scores that allow your character to power up and keep running. This means that once you crash or fail to shoot the blocks constantly, the energy of your character will diminish and finally reaches zero. For newbies, we will give you a tip on the black blocks. Those can't be pushed through as they are the foundation of the platform, that's why you need to avoid them and go for the soft one nearby instead. Gather some help from the friends that will randomly pop up as you go on your way to creating a better synergy for a longer adventure.

There will be a scoreboard on the top of the game screen along with the statistics of gained coins and items in use. If you have enough coins, visit the store at to update with some boosters like Flame Flare, SKin Trial, and Time Clock. Each item has a unique specialization to make your character stronger and faster! Are you ready to explore the open world of games that will keep you addicted for days in games like Sift Renegade Brawl and Bullet League Robogddon?

How to control the character: Click the left mouse button and drag from the left to right to change the movement. Click and hold to create a larger dash force.