Family Relics

How will you care for the special garden that your uncle leaves behind for you in Family Relics? A mysterious letter from your uncle, who lives in Willow Hills, comes to your house. He wants you to come and manage his farm while he is being away on business trips. Will you be able to meet all his conditions and do a good job of carrying out the tasks? This game is famous among kids of all ages thanks to the beautiful graphic design for the garden, carefully-drawn details, and a variety of crop seeds.

Enjoy the fieldwork on this farm at Gogy land as you will participate in cleaning up the dirt and dead crops, growing new crops, purchasing new equipment and seeds, taking care of farm animals. Don't forget to set the time for harvesting and selling the gained items at the market for more and more money! With a steady and slow pace, the sweet and relaxing life on the farm in this game from will be soothing to play as the players get to embark on a simple farm game.

Pay attention to every single thing on the checklist so as not to miss out on any important tasks. After playing this abcya game, lots of your skills and knowledge of farming life will improve significantly. Take part in more work on the farm in other games such as Baking Apple Cake and Highschool Mean Girls without any cost!

How to play:

Click, harvest and interact using your mouse, especially the left button.