Fishing Puzzles

Fishing Puzzles takes this fishing trip to another level with a puzzle board! Your job is not only to spot the required fish to hook them up but also to spot another similar fish on the board to clear it off. From ABCya 2022 free games, this is a board puzzle game where you need to remove all the fish on the board to complete one stage. Among the 24 levels available in the list, we need you to help crack them all and get the top rank within the shortest time that you can!

First, as this is no ordinary fishing game, let us guide you through the game with a basic tutorial. In this tutorial, we advise you on how to catch all the fish on the board. The goal is to tap on 2 similar fish which are on the same row or column. This will catch all the fish between both fish that you selected, including them.

With a countdown clock on the number of limited moves and time, will you be able to function properly with the task of fish gathering? Don't worry and start packing the gear for your new exploration. A tip for you if you are a newbie in this territory is to locate the one on two corners or two opposite sides of the frames so that you can grab more fish in the middle.

Once you understand the mechanism of this game at, you will easily ace more arcade and puzzle games available on our website such as Hexagon! Choose the right order to get your pairs collected sooner and clear more spaces on the board as well. Keep acing other arcade games from our free collection for the best game time of your life!

Instructions for the game:

Click on the fish to choose them.