Help The Hero

Help The Hero brings one of the newest exciting physics puzzles to the gaming list of ABCya 2022, where the kids get to explore plenty of challenging chambers. Find the way to rescue the hero in all stages regardless of the difficulty levels of the tasks. In order to clear one stage, the hero needs to be transferred from the starting point to the escape door or the exit platform.

However, there will be hidden doors, locked doors, trapped, and dangers if you pull the wrong key or block. As the main goal is to keep the character safe and avoid the block with monsters, rising water, or any other dangerous obstacles. The mission is to observe and decide which flaps or keys need to be pulled first. By pulling the keys in the right order, you can mix the content of each block and remove the threat.

For example, by mixing water and lava, you can remove the dangerous lava platform that might burn the hero. Or you can release gas from one block to another while clearing out the route for the man. Capture the gold hidden on each level so that you can be on the top ranking of the Leaderboard!

The chain will be quite a quiz because not only do you need to decide when to break it but you also need to click on it to break it down. Other free games with a variety of genres and themes such as Raid Heroes: Total War or Toon Blast Online will be available for your entertainment time here at, all at the tips of your finger! How long will it take for you to get the hero out of all these challenging puzzles?

Controlling keys:

Use the mouse to choose which key to pulling.

Play using the touchpad on mobiles and tablets.