Raid Heroes: Total War

Raid Heroes: Total War is the new ABCya idle hero game with the toughest raid that is aimed at your kingdom. As the army of the Dark Lord is approaching and attacking the borders, prepare the team to remove these threats and keep your kingdom safe. In order to be alive, you will need to gather the best squad of heroes with a wide range of tactics, attack skills, and the ability to develop to keep up with the enemy revolution.

This game will bring new gameplay filled with the elements of exploring, improving, and reforging artifacts. While learning to develop your character and protect your township from others, you need to prepare a strategy to attack the castles of other players too. The highlight of the game will be clashing your chosen hero with the other squad in the best graphic of the PVP arena.

Enjoy the new generation of storylines embedded in the game as well as a mixture of RPG and idle games. You can also become a part of the legend lineup which is consisted of the players who manage to win all the toughest matches. In order to get to the bottom of this game and target the best squad, you will need a good feeling when it comes to defeating the players one by one in the tournament.

Once you gather a total of 5 cards for one hero, you can recruit him into the game. These cards are given out for free to victors in the raid, therefore, do your best to win as many as possible. The battlefield is a mess, therefore, you need to arrange the heroes wisely on the line with a specific order before hitting the fight button. From the website of, we have a long list filled with the top games such as Merge Race 3D or Bank Robbery for free!

Instructions: Interact and fight using the mouse.