Bank Robbery

Bank robbery will test all of your gaming skills, ranging from teamwork, movement, agility in a chaotic match, and the ability to choose the best weapons. There will be a close-knit team assembling together to create a heist into the bank in this ABCya new game. Once they have gotten the money bag, they need your assistance to get out safely.

Your job will consist of all tasks, from choosing the best equipment within range, to coming up with the well-chosen tactics that will bring success to your team. A good leader is all it takes to bring the team to victory! During the actual game, you need to move around and shoot at the guards.

They will try to take down your teammates, so do your best to secure your spot and cover for them. No one will let you out of this bank without a fight, so stay alert and give your best to win! Thanks to the 3D graphics merging with the first-person point of view, the kids will be able to enjoy a realistic heist while feeling the heat. Do everything it takes to overcome the rain of bullets and hit the guards with headshots.

Dodge when necessary and hide behind the poles to keep yourself safe. The wide range of weapons that you can look forward to includes some shotguns, the revolver, assault rifle, sniper rifle, and so on. Let's see if you can bring your shooting skills to other shooting games here such as Run Dude! or Merge Race 3D and conquer them all at!

Controlling keys:

Use WASD to move, left mouse to shoot, right mouse to iron sight.

Use the mouse scroll or 1-5 keys to change weapons.

Left shift to run, space to jump, C to crouch, and E to take items.