Bullet League Robogddon

A beautiful yet brutal and merciless gun down will take place soon in this new game of Bullet League Robogeddon at https://abcya4.net. This is one of the best shooting games in its purest form where you will need to guide your main character to move through the obstacles and to shoot with high precision in aiming at the same time. In order to go against your team of enemies filled with tough and cold robots that will not hesitate to take a shot, it's best to start your training to know the basics and the shooting guidance of the game.

The objective of this challenging shoot-off is to simply be the last one standing while aiming at your enemies with the bullets. Not only will you need to defend your base and your main character but you will also have to take initiative and tackle the base of the enemies. Be quick and become the best in this platform by exploring and grasp the rules of overcoming any obstacle that shows up along the way. This ABCya 4 game has 2D graphics and high-quality designed characters that will boost up your experience in an interactive shooting game for free.

Hold your trigger closely and take a shot when the aiming line is suitable for you. First, hop through the platform and take your Robogeddon to a better location. Don't come into the deadly battle zone without a weapon or else there will be high chances that you can get shot at one the first few seconds. Building the walls amidst this intense war will be of great help as it helps protect your base from too much damage.

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How to play:

Move using W, A, S, D buttons, Shoot and aim with the mouse cursor,

build walls and infrastructure using the left mouse,

switching inventory using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, keys.