Color Zig Zag

A colorful and trendy with frenzy gameplay is here is make your playtime a bit spicier! Color Zig Zag brings the original arcade-style ball game with an endless running platform and a lot of surprises waiting for the new players. There is no need to learn how to use the control button or memorize tons of difficult map or controlling skills, with this Abcya free game, you just need to move to the left and right. Only two buttons of left and right arrows need to be pressed to maneuver the ball throughout the long journey.

Your mission is to stay in the game for as long as possible. The only way to do this is by dodging from one side to another while making sure that the ball can bypass the gates with the right color. Once you pass one gate, the ball's color will automatically change for the next one. Choose the correct moment to change direction so that the ball will not accidentally drop off the edge or fall off the track in any way. Not many new players can have the endurance and the consistency to continuously tackle other challenges on this trip, so let's find out which checkpoint can you reach!

Some of the best names with their highest scores are placed on the Leaderboard at, which is to inspire the newbies to try harder for a high ranking! Don't forget about tons of similar-themed games like Snowball Fight and Clash Of Goblins that will spice up your playtime for sure without a dime. The best time to start this trip is now! How you choose to maneuver and dodge will be your choice, so come and show the flexibility in your fancy movements.

Controlling keys: Click the left and right arrows or the A, D keys to control the direction of the ball.