Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight from ABCya land is the perfect new game for the holiday season as Christmas is just on its way! Santa is having a hilarious match of snowball fight against the other team- the Grinch team. Join the team of Santa to deliver the best throw to eliminate the Grinches one by one! It's another point-and-click game where you need to target the Grinches on the blocks and platforms far away. They can hide behind the trees, under the rocks, inside the house,... and will slip off from time to time.

Choose the perfect timing, throw using a suitable force, and aim with great accuracy will bring the best result. It's best if you can take out all of them in the least throw because there is a limitation on how many times you can throw. Use the limited turns wisely to either destroy the infrastructure or the Grinch. Don't worry if you can't aim correctly at first as it will take time to get used to it. These Grinches move so fast that even advanced players get the hang of it after a few trials. Once you are used to it, this game at will be a fun and challenging hand-eye coordination test! Feel free to aim using the target guide and the tutorial from the beginning of this game! Bring your friends to share and come up with a good move for destroying the opponent's team in the least moves!

Even the Santa in this game looks kinda gangsta and ready to attack with the snowball! It will be quite an experience with a 2D vibrant and high-quality design, no bug or lag, and easy yet addictive gameplay. Win rounds after rounds and collect high scores in plenty of games like Clash Of Goblins and Zombie Hunters Arena to make the Christmas season more enjoyable and special!

Controls: Click at the Grinch to throw the snowballs.