RPS Exclusive

The simplest game of rock, paper, and scissors can be turned into something more complicated with new twists, good graphics, and an games online setting for kids of all ages to enjoy! Tackle all the matches in this game of RPS Exclusive where choosing the right symbol is all it takes to knock out your rival in the ring. This game is an interactive game with the classic gameplay of rock, paper, and scissors, but embedded with some other features.

Choose the symbols that you think will win over the other opponent's choice in each match. Not only is it a game of luck but it's also about how you brainstorm and predict the opponent's pick. Showcase some of your fast thinking as well as the ability of perceptive reasoning. Ace the most of this game in both of the available modes. Feel free to pick the one-player mode where you go up against the CPU, or play with your friends in the two-player selection.

Depending on each mode's rule and mechanism, you can learn how to rock it. It's just a simple combination of three available hand signals. They will be the representation of rock, paper, and scissors and all of them are placed at the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind that rock will defeat scissors, paper wins over rock, and scissors will cut through paper. Both players choose their action and release, so get your choice quickly.

For each failed match, you will lose some health points and vice versa. Once all of your HP bars runs out, the match is over. Feel free to try it over and over again, but this game comes with no boosters, hints, or updates to help the players. How confident you are about your luck? Play other games with similar puzzle themes such as Mahjong Kitchen from https://abcya4.net/ for free!

Controls: Play with WASD or arrows.