Math Rockets Addition

Math Rockets Addition is not only a fabulous math game with puzzle features embedded into the gameplay but it's also one of the latest popular games from our summer collection. Who says mathematics has to be boring? Clear these quizzes and puzzles related to math problems with your kids or friends and win with the highest scores. The goal of this game is to test your math skills in quick calculations. The time for each question is limited, so think fast and react on time. To solve all the math puzzles in this game, tap on the rockets with the right number embedded in them.

As long as you manage to click on the rocket showing the correct answer within your given time, you will get a score for that successful equation and can move forward with the next one. The game is all about an opportunity for you to channel your inner talent in puzzle cracking and problem-solving. Keep in mind that the main theme of this game relates to mathematics problems the most so that you know which skill to utilize.

Because the players' objective is simple, you just need to solve a series of addition expressions and equations by tapping on the rockets to make them reveal the right answer. With a total of ten expressions to solve per stage as well as 8 challenging quizzes waiting for you, your math skills will no doubt get plenty of room for improvement. Enhance your gaming experience with others similar in terms of rules and gameplay such as Fluffy Cubes and Matchstick Puzzles. With a tap of your finger on , the new gaming world opens up with plenty of new games for free!

Controlling keys: Use the left mouse button or tap on the mobile/ tablet screen to choose.