Fluffy Cubes

In this new game Fluffy Cubes, it's all about making the cubes smooth down and fluffing them to make them fit into the right group! All players shall participate in solving a new puzzle related to numbered cubes in this free game from .......... The moment you join the game, there will be a huge map with your main character and an arrow pointing toward your next goal. Move your stickman to that designated point and start joining the puzzles as assigned. Once the screen has moved to your new puzzle, take a look around. You will control a range of blocks filled with numbered cubes, scattered in lines, and aligned with each other.

The goal is to fluff the cubes with higher numbers to make them lower down and meet the same range as the smaller numbered ones. The moment all of them are on the same level and baseline, you can remove them all! This will challenge your logical thinking and problem-solving as the stacks of cubes are random and overlap with each other. Find the way to detangle the ones on top before working your way down the puzzle.

Let's see if you can gain enough scores to unlock new items and color your world with decoration and new bonuses! Don't forget to collect the stars that show up on your puzzle cubes randomly! These stars help to increase your final score and make your ranking higher on the board. Emerge in this 3D experience now for free and gather some friends to explore another similar puzzle such as Grass Reaper and Puzzle And Island. We arrange them all in the order of subgenre and date listed to help you search easier with one click at https://abcya4.net/ !

How to control and play the game: Use the left button or touchpad or on-screen touch button to move and arrange the puzzles.