Puzzle And Island

The Puzzle And Island new game from https://abcya4.net/ will be an essential option for your next gaming selection with a cool virtual theme, lots of challenging placement of diamonds, and plenty of levels to explore. This is not only one of the easy-to-control games of puzzle but it's also a great game for asking your trusty friends in a competition. Play it at home, at school, on PC and mobiles, whenever you have some internet connection. The final objective of this game will be to make sure that there's no square left unaligned. First, roam the board and understand the basic setup as well as the arrangement of the diamonds.

Once you have mastered the basic rule, start moving around and collecting the diamonds to grow your island in size and diversity. You can learn to place the random blocks with squares to form a line of vertical or horizontal order. These rows will be automatically removed and cleared to claim more scores for you. The more lines you manage to observe or consume, the higher your scores will be. Keep advancing throughout these levels with top-notch performance, more than basic scores, and tons of bonuses thanks to your amazing matches.

Learn how to spot the possible lines and align the blocks to form the most with one move. If possible, make sure that the gained line has as many tiles on it as possible. Continue solving the higher level boards and claim your top title of the highest-ranked player on the Leaderboard of this game. We provide newly added gaming options to the list of free games daily to keep your game time better every day! Let's see which genre will be your favorite and enhance the skill sets more and more! Check out some similar games like Super Hexbee Merger and Mahjong Story 2.

Controls: Use the mouse or touchpad to play.