Mahjong Story 2

Be prepared to bring this second version of Mahjong Story 2 to the top of your game board and showcase a few of your talents in this extended board of Mahjong. Let's see if your intelligence that has succeeded in the original game will be able to help you ace this second version. If you have some time for an addictive puzzle game like this one and have a blast! This new game is all about the Mahjong game board which the players can spend hours on end to solve.

Enjoy the fast-paced journey with an increase in difficulty levels and the long run you can emerge while dashing through various worlds and challenges. Each board of Mahjong is filled with a different number of pairs. For over 1000 levels, we believe that your playtime might never end! Enjoy the satisfaction of matching the tile pairs and immerse yourself in the world of Mahjong pieces. It will utilize your observation, quick movement, fast matching, and overall, the suitable tactics to leave no piece behind. Keep your eyes on the tiles on the edge of the board to match first. For overlapped tiles, it will take some effort to remove the ones which are laying over them. Do what you need to do to make sure that the chosen tile pair has zero obstacles or hindrances on them.

It's time to emerge in the beautiful graphics, soothing background sound, easy-to-control key set, and intuitive interface for such a puzzle game. Upgrade your skill level with one or two matches before inviting your friends over for a match! Do your best to complete clearing each board within the shortest time recorded, as this will affect your overall range of scores on the Leaderboard. Enjoy more similar puzzles like Super Kick 3D World Cup and Super Hexbee Merger as they are available for free at!

Instructions: Use the mouse or touchpoint to manage the tiles.