Super Kick 3D World Cup

Take your shot as the main penalty scorer here at Super Kick 3D World Cup - the new sports game with one of the recently updated gameplay! Emerge in this virtual soccer world of a casual soccer game where your penalty shot ability gets to shine. There's no need to practice the art of dragging the balls or controlling them while regaining the balls from the opponent. In this game, the main task focuses on bringing the balls into the net. Utilize your playground to showcase your skills in the last part of the match. A goalkeeper is all that you need to bypass in order to get to the net, so aim precisely and make your shot.

The most demanding audience is waiting to observe your performance, therefore, make sure to bring your assigned ball into the net. There will be plenty of techniques that you might learn and find useful from this sports game, which might be suitable for a real-life match as well. For both newbies and advanced players, we would recommend paying attention to observation and aiming accurately at each turn. It's the ultimate chance to channel your passion and demonstrate a few moves for your sports opponents.

Get your spotlight on the field and dominate the win regardless of the levels! The higher the levels, the faster the goalkeeper moves and it's harder to score. You can use different tactics or strategies to move and trick the goalkeeper into thinking that you will score from a different angle. Sports games can always cheer you up after a long day at work or school, so enjoy other free games like Infinity Golf or Super Hero Soccer World Cup by clicking here at to keep your gaming time refreshed!

Controlling keys: Use the mouse or touchpad to score the goal.