Super Hexbee Merger

Implement your skills and gained experience in dealing with jigsaw puzzles to conquer this game of Super Hexbee Merger with the latest logical puzzle arranging gameplay. Find the necessary tiles or blocks as they are randomly placed on the board in the game from Make sure that you can gather them all to connect the group with two or more pieces. It's all about building up the cluster of connected tiles in the game. The more pieces you manage to match, the higher your scores and lines will be. Take a look around the map and get a grasp of the layout before starting to match. You will have to search and locate a set of three green, blue, and pink hexagons from the grid.

The gathered set brings you scores and gets you to the next levels. Not only will you need to build a similar path to earn points among the tiles but you also need to utilize the tools given to be able to destroy them in the shortest time. Enhance the experience in dealing with cool gameplay and more challenges requiring flexibility in the player's way of solving problems. Keep an eye out for bonuses, boosters, and even surprising items randomly dropped out of nowhere in the game.

If you manage to destroy the entire texture of the hexagons within the first trial and shortest time, your name will be marked on the top of the Leaderboard for sure. We guarantee that kids of all ages and adults can enjoy their time here with the colorful animation, vibrant design, as well as user-friendly interface. Keep the gaming time going with other equally cool games of arcade such as Jungle Chains and Super Kick 3D World Cup. Most of our games are available on all devices, so take your pick and enjoy them with one click here !

Controls: Use the mouse to connect the tiles.