Jungle Chains

This chain of animals at Jungle Chains is filled with a variety of species, all waiting for a talented player to match and group them correctly! There is a specific rule on how you can pair up the animals in this game on the website of ABCya puzzle , so make sure to go through the in-game tutorial before starting on the real levels. Thanks to the vibrant game palette and cool graphics, you will try to catch matching groups or pairs of tiles that contain images of similar animals. Once you finish spotting a group, it will be removed from the board in order to add to your match count and score.

Keep in mind that your final score will be added up from the combos and matches that you collected throughout the game. It's beneficial to the overall result if you manage to chain together a long matching set. A pair of two or a group of three shall do the work, but longer chains with four or more get you some boosters and bonuses. Let's try to quickly set all the animals free from the existing network on each level and clear this game in the shortest time record! Feel free to utilize the Magic Chain reward after watching an advertisement.

The goal of this game with a click at http://abcya4.net/ is to successfully connect a line of three or more similar blocks, all adjacent on the board, and set these animals free from the net. The faster you manage to collect the lines, the more animals can get out. Keep it going with our newly added games on the gaming free collection such as Bead Cleaner Amaze or Save The Obby Blox, all at the tips of your finger. One-click and the most interesting and elaborated games shall be yours!

Instructions: use the mouse to match and connect.