Bead Cleaner Amaze

Utilize the given tool to get all beads shiny in this ABCya fun game: Bead Cleaner Amaze! It's a fabulous game with a very simple casual theme, colorful interactive graphics, and 3D design of course. It's all about the satisfaction of wiping off the beads and gathering them all in one go! Use your given tool of vacuum cleaner and make sure there's no dirty bead left behind. First, learn how to carry out the task on one level with the first tutorial game. In-game design is very user-friendly and intuitive, so you will grasp the basics in no time.

Once it's clear, start manipulating the tool and clean the beads. The level will come with a signature platform consisting of many lines. One line can contain plenty of bead colors and it spreads through the maze. You need to eliminate them all and suck them all into the tool to win. Bypassing the lower levels shall be easy thanks to the simplicity, however, pay attention and focus to overcome the higher ones. The number of scores and times will be displayed on the side panel.

How long will it take to claim victory over all these available little levels by clicking at The Leaderboard has already started to be filled with high levels so try to break the top and claim your spot! More fun and challenging games will be available on our list for you to unlock and explore new worlds of gaming experience, with such a diversity of genres. Keep advancing and prove your skills on these online games now! Other equally fun games such as Alphabet Game and Crossword Puzzles will be perfect options for your next conquer!

How to play:

Use the mouse or touch point to control the tool and slide to wipe the beads.