Alphabet Game

Test your knowledge or share this fun alphabet game with the kids who are learning to have a fun game time with letters, the alphabet, and daily objects! This new game of Alphabet Game is available without any cost, so all you need to do is to click or tap on the right option. The gameplay and mechanism are easy enough for kids to learn in one go and elaborated enough to help enrich their vocabulary during these fun times. Start the game and exercises your knowledge by forming words, using letters, memorizing the alphabet, and spelling objects' names.

It's a perfect choice for children who are beginning to learn to read and write as it brings the most daily items and words to their attention. Find the right letters or words that match the images, or perform tasks that help to formulate and memorize new words to extend your vocabulary in this game. A group of letters can form more than one word, so it's also your job to select the right one for each mission.

Keep in mind that the range and difficulty of the words shall increase slowly throughout the tasks in order to keep the players on their feet. Prepare yourself and upgrade your list constantly to keep up with the game change! Other frequently visited games like Love Pins: Save The Princess and Pixel Art are also popular choices that you can pick with one click at, so try them out to spice up the game time! This freely shared gaming space is yours to explore and share with family and friends, thanks to our lovely animation, smooth design, and all the popular themes these days!

How to play: Use the mouse to choose the right answer or to arrange the letters.