Love Pins: Save The Princess

Get your hands on this game of Love Pins: Save The Princess where not only will you get to embrace one of the most enjoyable rescue puzzle games but it's also a relaxing theme for the weekends. The objective of this puzzle game from is simply to solve the puzzles, unlock doors, destroy monsters, and clear the path to get the princess back. The prince and princess have been separated against their will, and they are being held on different blocks.

It's time to utilize your brain to tackle the lock, use your imagination, and pick the right pin to pull. By pulling on the pins one by one, you can open all the doors on the platform. However, keep an eye out for the order and think to solve puzzles by removing the right pins first. One wrong move and you might release some monsters, dangerous animals, or release some lava onto our characters. This journey will be filled with obstacles and enemies but it will be fun to solve and brainstorm! As you progress higher on the game level board, the difficulty range shall increase and make it harder to solve in one or two moves.

There's no limitation on how many times you can replay the game! Make sure to check out the time and other statistics to know your current status on the game. Are you ready to take the role of the hero who manages to save the princess and survive the attacks? Keep an eye out for scattered obstacles and dangerous items that might cause trouble if you pull their pins. Plenty of other quizzes are available in new games like Puzzle Love or Cozy Merge. from our website at ABCya game 4 kids!

Game controls: Use the mouse to choose and pull the pins.