Cozy Merge

Get to the highest point range with your talent in merging puzzle pieces here at Cozy Merge - our recently added game to the puzzle collection at ! The players get a chance to participate in a brainstorming puzzle with a colorful theme and adorable animation. The objective is to merge the given tiles on a board. Keep in mind that each tile bears a number, and you use this mark to decide which to merge. Once you manage to create one million points, the victory is yours! The main mechanism of the game allows the number to double when being merged with identical tiles.

This means that you have to watch out for the placement of identical tiles and bring them together to create new ones as soon as possible. The arrangement of tiles will be scattered and they are varied in terms of different numbers and colors. Utilize your great eyesight to spot the right one and merge! These fun and addictive motions of swiping to merge will keep you hooked for a long time, especially with the additional help of hints like undo, shuffle, time freeze, and duplicate tiles. Use them when you got stuck, but refrain from relying on them too much.

Pay attention to the next number in your upper left corner. Emerge in this lovely world of ABCya's new game with pleasant music in your background, fun design, and soothing sounds that keep you feeling the experience. Such a fun game is also hard to master, so try to search for the best way to fill up all your cells. The key point will be to unlock new positions to move the exact numbers and form larger numbers. Unlock new games like Wood Block Puzzle or Puzzle Love to enjoy harder challenges!

How to play: Choose the placement using the left mouse or touchpad.