Space Module

Space Module brings a new adventure through the vast space filled with enemies and strange creatures for you to emerge in! It's the virtual gaming section from ABCya land where you can float through space, shoot at approaching enemies, and gather more and more soil as possible from the resource mines. Be careful to stay alive in this exciting battle, but don't refrain from blasting your gun a bit more.

Cater for your gate as well as the positions of your ship while gathering more equipment to fully upgrade it. If you can increase the upgrades and customize your ship with new parts, upgrading, zooming, and so on, you will easily conquer the space. When the size of your ship increases, it might potentially become a clear target, therefore, choose the best time to do so. The attack waves will be from all directions so turn around and shoot them.

Later on, in the tough challenges, you will need some advanced weapons to not only fight but also to protect your aircraft from the new bullets. Observe the new opponents as they enter the arena and go on with more precise shots to claim the highest scores. The ranking of the game will be based on how many enemies you successfully take down. Strike more streaks or combos by eliminating plenty at once to clear the stage faster and faster.

Let's see if you will be the players with the most extensive collection of upgrades, new tools, equipment, and other cool add-ins for your ship! Search for more games such as Pet Trainer Duel where the space battles get even more intense! Keep enhancing your personal skills and updated techniques to bring forth the most powerful defensive line here at!

Controlling keys:

Use WASD or arrow keys to fly the ship. Click the left mouse button to aim and shoot.