Paco Paco

If you have been familiar with the gameplay of classic Pac-man from your childhood, this new version of Paco Paco shall bring a modern twist and plenty of updates for your game time on the website of ABCya 4 new games! Keep running and search for the way out with all the collected coins. This game bears some similarities with the original game, however, you will need more than good reflexes to win the game. In both games, the main character is trapped in a maze and he is trying to outrun the monsters for getting out. Keep your eyes on the path and other roads in order to steer clear of the monsters and move toward the safe spots.

Search for the scattered coins, and valuable gems while you are dodging the monsters. As valuable as the gems are, there is no booster feature that supports you to recover HP, accelerate, or be invisible. However, upon collecting the gems, you will find an unlocked door leading straight to the next levels, so take the chance quickly! Utilize your limited number of 10 hearts throughout the game. One capture by the monsters will cost you one. The moment that all of your hearts run out, the game is over since there's no chance of earning extra hearts.

Pay attention to the designated number of gems required per stage. As long as you hit the minimum range or the lower border of the gems, you will be able to move forward to the next stage. Aim to gather all the available gems to top up the highest scores! Find the path to winning this game quickly to become the winner here at Would you like to take a chance and participate in more same-genre games like Hand Or Money and Train Lines Rush ?

How to play: Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the character.