Beehive Yourself

Beehive Yourself with the coolest gameplay, adorable animation, and design of the main character - the little bee, will easily catch your attention among these available games for kids here at ABCya new game. Don't waste any second and start this journey to help the bee with the beehive-building task. You will be the guide for assembling the hive from the smallest blocks to the huge ones. Maneuver the movement and direction for our little bee and clear all levels with the most stunning beehive. Completing the structure and adding the necessary blocks to the set will be the most crucial tasks that you need to clear in order to complete one stage.

The next levels shall be filled with plenty of high-ranged and harder layout, which requires more attention and precision. Change the lanes and move around the hive to collect stars. Your final scores and rank on the final board among other players shall be decided using the number of stars that you manage to gain within your level-base journey. Keep an eye out for upcoming walls, random blocks, and unexpected obstacles, and steer clear of them to avoid hurting herself. The perfect finish shall be the one with top-notch performance, limited time, three stars in total, and of course, the enjoyable feeling from the navigator.

We recommend that you start slowly enough to get used to the basics and mechanism of the beehive before accelerating. Learn how to utilize the on-screen stats to understand your position. Keep the stable pace and you will get through to the exit door soon enough. How about checking out some more games with identical themes such as Train Lines Rush and Paco Paco? All of them can be accessed by clicking here for an entertaining playtime.

Controlling keys: Use the mouse or arrow keys to move the bees.