Fireman Jet

Fireman Jet will get you on your feet since it tests your aiming ability, estimating technique, and balance skills as well. You will carry out the tasks like never before, which is to put out the fire of the building with the help of a jet in ABCya games 4 kids! This jet will help you to reach to the higher stories and pull the water to the right windows. Inside the floors and the windows, there will be people who are trapped and are waiting for someone to rescue them.

Make sure that you can have enough time to not only put out the fire but also to save everyone and the pets. There will be a limited time range for you to carry out the missions. Once the time runs out, it will be too late since the dangerous fire has already spread throughout the building. This means that you should try to finish any mission before that timing. Your scores in this game are determined based on the number of fires that you manage to put out, so focus! With the gained coins that you collected while flying and putting out the fire, you can unlock new equipment, new skins, and even better tools to help the character.

This new game at is available for enjoyment on both PC and mobile, therefore, don't hesitate to take a chance to embrace this fun game wherever you are! Two versions of adaptation make it easier for more kids to enjoy this game since they will not have to be stuck with the PC. How about checking out more fun arcade games such as Cat Wizard Defense and Champion Archer later? We guarantee that you won't be able to get your eyes off this amazing game!

Instructions: Move left, right, and fly up using the mouse cursor or by tapping on the mobile screen.