Cat Wizard Defense

The war against the ugly slimeballs will start soon in Cat Wizard Defense, therefore, we recommend that you should gear up and prepare to fight vigorously! The way to secure your gate is to collect the power and destroy any approaching slime. The more coins you make after destroying the slimes, the better tower you can purchase. They will be crucial elements in positioning the defensive lines among the road. If you haven't tried out any game like this in ABCya land, just follow our famous interactive tutorial to learn the basics!

Prepare yourself for a total of 18 intense battles! Keep your stance so that you can continue to go head to head with more and more types of monsters throughout the levels. The control is pretty easy as you only have to drag the cat wizard and distribute them on the green tiles properly. Make sure that you estimate and calculate the possibility of the path and choose the right position for each solider. Will you be able to stop the army of slimes in time? There is a wave progress bar on the top left of the screen, which can be used to maintain control of the current situation. You can know how much time you have left before the next attackers arrive. Keep an eye on the energy or the food bar right next to it as well.

This bar can't be emptied because it will make your character stop moving immediately. The next bar is called the energy bar. Fill it up and you will gain the power of summoning the magical cat wizard that will sweep the enemies off the grid with one spell. At, the top players get to display their scores to show the world the best of their performances. Attend more battles like Champion Archer and Wild West Sheriff to learn more tricks in fights!

Controls: Click and drag to position the cat.